Bike Parking at Amsterdam Zuid

26 Feb
bicycles leaving bike parking at Amsterdam Zuid

bicycles leaving bike parking at Amsterdam Zuid


This morning, I flew back to Amsterdam.

I arrived at Schiphol Airport, and took the train to Amsterdam Zuid, where my bicycle is parked in a subterranean bike parking. As if seeing it for the first time, it struck me how carefully organised that parking is; like the laid out tables of a dinner party, waiting for guests to arrive.

The bike parking is open 24 hours per day, each day of the year. Its bike stands are designed to save space, allowing bikes to be parked on two levels. Odd sized bikes – like the popular delivery bikes and bikes with crates – don’t fit in the two story stands, so separate space has been reserved for them. On your way to the slanted conveyor belt – which will take you out of the parking and into the heart of Amsterdam’s business district – you pass a traditional Dutch tyre pump. For long term residents like my bike, this is ideal – the air that slowly seeped out through the tyre’s microscopic cracks will have dropped the tyre pressure.
bicycles parked on two levels

bicycles parked on two levels

bikes with crates

bikes with crates: separate section

Parking is free for the first day. On day 2 and 3 parking costs € 0,50 per day, and from day 4 onwards parking costs € 2,00 per day. Bikes are tracked with tickets carrying the date they’re brought in, and are checked by the parking’s personnel on the way out. Membership costs € 55 per year, and is obviously more economical when you plan to stall your bike longer. So when I moved to Dublin and wanted to stall my bike there long term, I became a member. I got a sticker on my rear mudguard to prove it. Now, each time I leave the parking, the parking’s personnel – their purse with small change in hand – scan my bike for a day ticket until they see my sticker. I then get a small nod of understanding, as they direct their attention to the guy behind me.

The red signs, the orgy of bikes and the buzz of people entering and leaving have turned a tl-lit concrete parking space into an attraction. Apparently, I had to move away to Dublin before I could see it.

delivery bikes

delivery bikes: also a separate section

bicycle parking membership

two membership stickers on mudguard

bicycle parking office

bicycle parking office - where tickets are checked

bike parking exit

bike parking exit

3 Responses to “Bike Parking at Amsterdam Zuid”

  1. shuichi -mama bicycle- February 27, 2011 at 11:47 am #

    Wow,the escalator is very convenient, right? I think such tidy and large parking lots is very important for comfortable bicycle life.

  2. dublindutch February 27, 2011 at 4:12 pm #

    Hi Shuichi – indeed: the escalator is very convenient. Dutch bikes aren’t very light, so you would have a hard time with normal stairs. Also, Dutch municipal services always give careful consideration to elderly citizens. The escalator is a huge help to them as well. Thanks for writing in – hope all is well in Japan!


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