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Cycling with… Max

20 Jan

We went cycling with Max – an art historian who knows everything about Amsterdam’s architecture. We learned about the band of ‘rogue’ architects behind the ‘Amsterdam School’, the famous architectural style of the 1900s for Amsterdams social housing projects — which still bring in millions of tourists to Amsterdam each year. Do check it out!

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Cycling With in the Irish Times

17 Jun

Cycling With in the Irish Times

So nice – I got a mentioning in the Irish Times today. Together with my friend Paddy Cahill. With all the work that goes into shooting our cycling films, I haven’t found time to keep this blog updated, though. 

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Cycling with Job Cohen

23 Apr

We (that is: the Cycling With team, being – Paddy Cahill and myself) went for a cycle through Amsterdam with its former mayor: Job Cohen.
Please do check out our film; I bet you’ll like it. Thanks, Phil


Cycling With Amanda…

27 Mar

… a new cycling interview by the team (ie: Paddy Cahill and myself)! Go check it out. You’ll love it.

Cycling With… Ellen

1 Nov

Paddy Cahill and myself went for a cycle with Ellen Rowley. Ellen is an Architectural Historian who lives with her family in Ballybough, Dublin.

During our cycle, we talked to Ellen’s daughter Lillo, we looked at the architectural heritage in the north of Dublin (a beautiful part that often goes ignored), the architecture of the 20th Century and her special interest the social housing schemes by the former city architect Herbert Simms.

Ellen recently compiled a book of essays on Irish Architecture “i.e. Patterns of Thought”.

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Cycling With…. Paddy and Philip

1 Sep


Last weekend, Paddy Cahill and myself were in Dublin, shooting more ‘Cycling With…’ documentaries. Here’s a look behind the scenes.

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Cycling with… Jim Latimer

25 Aug

Jim Latimer is a promising musician at the beginning of his career. He has recently moved back to Dublin from London and is enjoying a fresh look at living in the city and all it has to offer.

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