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Cool Earth 2010

26 Jul

Dublin Cycling Campaign at Cool Earth DayWe were at Dun Laoghaire’s Cool Earth Fair, – representing the Dublin Cycling Campaign. The ‘Campaign’ is Dublin’s cycling conscience. They’ve been fighting for fifteen years to make Dublin a better cycling city. We love their work. And for a few months now we are active members. During events we are often in the Dublin Cycling Campaign stall to sell t-shirts, snap bands and bells and to convince cyclists to become a member.

For Cool Earth, we used our delivery bike to transport the stall. We pedalled the delivery bike straight into the convention hall, unpacked our crates, and turned the delivery bike into an integral part of the Campaign’s stall.

Dublin Cycling Campaign at Cool Earth Festival

Dublin cycling Campaign stall in Delivery BikeAnd at the end of the fair; the stall was neatly folded back into the delivery bike’s cargo compartment.

The Campaign was not alone; there were more brazen bikers at Cool Earth. Rothar, for example. We learnt they actually offer bike maintenance tutorials. Using their tools, workshop, and skilful advice, you can easily learn to maintain your own bike.

Rothar artfully uses bicycle parts to brand itself. Like here, with gear wheels and chains.

Speaking of art. We met an inspired young female artist, creating jewellery out of bicycle components. Sleek and rugged, with attention to detail. Her jewellery was sold in the Rothar stall and we bought these earrings straightaway – they consist of old chain connectors.

That jewellery made us thirsty for more. At home, we looked at the artist’s webshop. We were surprised to find romantically intricate pendants. Like this one, called ‘love birds’.

Quite beautifully different from the brash biking jewellery. So you see – there’s more to cycling culture than first meets the eye. Never judge a bike by its cover.

Friends, from London

22 Jul

London. They say biking is waking up there. The Barclays Cycle Hire – London’s version of our Dublin bikes – is to open on 30 July 2010 .

There’s more: London’s Cycling Superhighways are bound to get cyclists whizzing through London’s streets; faster and safer. No wonder then, that our Dutch friends Sjoerd en Nanke took their Dutch bikes with them when they recently moved to London.

This weekend, Sjoerd and Nanke visited us in Dublin. To see how our Dublin cycling would compare to theirs in London, we took them on a Sunday cycling tour. Not as a competition (not officially, anyway), but out of general interest. However, we did focus on Dublin’s key advantages over London.  The sea:

And our exciting dark clouds, occasionally:

And we all agree. London has got a long way to go.

Dutch style movers

20 Jul

moving by cargo bike

So: you’re moving from Grand Canal Dock to Ballsbridge. During Friday afternoon’s rush hour. How long does it take you?

Using our delivery bike, moving Lex’s belongings on that same route took us fifteen minutes. Including a sightseeing detour on Grand Canal Square:

Moving by cargobike

Moving by cargo bike

An orange bike

7 Jul

The Netherlands reached the finals! I had never dared to hope this would happen in my lifetime. As a real Dutch soccer fan I got caught by a thing we call ‘Orange-craziness (oranjegekte)’.  When you are caught by this ‘Dutch disease’ you want to wear orange and make everything around you orange. I started with my bike…

Luckily I was not the only person in Dublin that suffers from ‘Orange-craziness’. Especially in and around the Sinnotts you could find a lot of Dutch people dressed in orange and singing Dutch songs.

It was great ‘craic’! Hup Holland Hup!