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A ‘Backer’ – the Chinese Way.

15 Sep

In our never ending search for cool cycling signs (remember the Stylish Belgian Biker, the Hungarian Gentleman Cyclist, or the Swedish Rock Man), we accidentally ran into this one on flickr. It’s by Birger Hoppe, who was somewhat puzzled when he ran into this sign in China. Here is what he says about the matter, himself:

The one and only time I saw this weird street sign. In my interpretation it prohibits taking a second person on the bike’s back. (It’s definitely no tandem bike in the sign…there’s no second set of pedals.)

But just when I raised my camera the real bike passed by and I just managed to get ready to have this composition of sign and reality.

Maybe…maybe it’s just prohibited to have the second person facing the front and having her sitting sideways is OK…?

XiaMen 厦门, China


Looking closely at the sign, we – like Birger – are unsure whether the two Chinese are breaking the rules, or abiding by them.

What do you guys think?

Stylish Budapest Biker

9 Nov

On August 18th, we wrote about a traffic sign in Belgium. That traffic sign showed how stylish Belgian cyclists are; they cycle in flared jeans, as if they’re heading for Woodstock. Looking at the traffic sign again, I can still see the cyclist’s long hair lock bobbing; hear him humming to The Who’s Pinball Wizard, almost.

There is romance in traffic signs.

Our reader Cian has known this ever since he interrailed through Europe in 2008.

On his trip, Cian rented bicycles in cycle friendly Copenhagen and Berlin, but it was while biking in Budapest he took the picture of the most stylish sign he’d seen. On it, a Hungarian gentleman cycles slow enough for his hat to not blow off. The gentleman’s straight back and languid pace give the impression he is accustomed to giving orders; not taking them. Probably, he holds a high position with a Budapest bank in the Lipótváros District. Eastern Europeans know their classical cycling.

So, first Belgium, then Budapest – we wonder what stylish signs we’ll find next.