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Filming in the Rain, with the Dublin Cycling Campaign

13 Jun

Cycling Campaigners Dublin line up for Cycling Film

Yesterday, we were shooting a film for the Dublin Cycling Campaign.  The Campaign consists of a colourful cast of characters, each of which would merit a separate full feature film.

For example: I would love to write a script for a comedy with Paddy (a film maker) and his brother Conor (a webdesigner); the duo from Limerick only communicate by cracking jokes anyway. Similarly, I could think of a classic Victorian costume drama featuring Georgia and Nicola. They design gorgeous garments that bring back the days of James Joyce, and a film would help on their mission to inject style in Dublin’s cycling culture. I could also think of an action film with Will, Damien and Colm — thoughtful and tenured Campaigners that have a James Bond like quality to them.

Together, these film stars have been doing ground breaking work for cycling in Dublin for over 15 years. Now, with cycling on the rise, they need more members. For that reason, we built a film set along the Grand Canal yesterday to shoot a promotional film.

Our film maker Paddy had found a unique camera dolly for filming: a big cargo bike. Together with his sound technician Justin, he got into the bike’s cargo load to shoot the film looking backwards, thus capturing a smiling line of Cycling Campaigners passing by. Paddy suggested Conor would be good at cycling the cargo bike, and Conor agreed. Of course, at that point Conor didn’t know the cargo bike’s battery assistance would be turned off to prevent interference with the sound.

It was also decided that the film would take place in the rain. Dublin has a poor image when it comes to the weather (when we moved here from Amsterdam, we received several umbrella’s as going away gift). To use that poor perception to our advantage, we went for an unconventional tongue in cheek approach – the actors advocating joys of cycling with smiles and dripping wet faces. For fifteen runs, they cycled behind the cargo bike, delivered their line, turned around, an queued up in the rain for the next take.

The result was great, and the film will appear on this blog shortly.

After filming, the Campaigners regrouped in a Smyths Pub on Haddington Road, where film maker Paddy thanked them for acting; saying he was very happy.

Happy about the film; and happy about staying dry himself, in the back of the cargo bike.

Cycling Film Crew Setting Up

Cycling Film Crew - in the cargo load - nice and dry

Intelligent Deliveries

Camera, Lights, Action

The Filmset: Rainy Grand Canal