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14 Jan
Dear Dutch in Dublin reader,
are you tired of short viral video’s? 
So are we. 
Good news: on our other blog, called Cycling with… , we bring you monthly short films with substance. 
For example: check out our cycling interview with Ernst Jan Pfauth and Alexander Klopping.
Please help us out by subscribing to the Cycling With (free) monthly newsletter, and be sure to enjoy these mini-documentaries for many months to come. 
So, why are we making these documentaries?
Well: today’s cities face big problems, like polluted air, obese citizens, and social exclusion. 
Luckily, there’s a simple solution: the bicycle.
We believe that if we share stories of inspiring people on bikes, we can encourage cities to take pro-cycling action. 
So we have embarked on a mission to film 100 ‘Cycling with… documentaries’.  
And to show the world how gloriously easy, fun and sexy a bike ride can be.
We’re doing this for fun, for free, with no hidden agenda’s.
But we need your help. So please sign up for the Cycling With newsletter now
And please let us know: what do you think of our mission?
Is there anyone in Dublin (or Europe) who we should interview next?
Feel free to leave a comment below.
Best wishes,
Paddy Cahill
Philip de Roos
Dublin / Amsterdam



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