Bikes in Bathtubs

18 Jun

Fixed gear bike in White Bathtub

The Cycle Chic Blogger Conference in Barcelona is not turning out to be a typical conference.

There are no keynote speakers, no coffee buffets, no powerpoint presentations. Also, there is no conference location; no cloakroom, no blue carpet with diamond shaped pattern, no tl-lighting. Instead, the conference almost completely takes place outside – on the streets of Barcelona. The one indoor conference location we did visit, was CityBici – on the Avengida Diagonal.

CityBici is the showroom and office of Jaime and Vanessa. It’s also their home. Jaime and Vanessa – a couple with their first child on its way – set up CityBici this January, after they had said goodbye to the safe lives they had before (Vanessa used to work for American Apparel, Jaime worked in packaging). With CityBici, they want to bring biking beauty to Barcelona.

One approach they are taking, is setting up unique bicycle exhibition points. The first exhibition point has recently opened in Cafe San Thelmo – an espresso boutique across their street. The Cycle Chic Bloggers were given a preview of what further exhibition points may look like. Jaime and Vanessa had placed bikes in their house like a curator would place art in the Hugh Lane Gallery. A golden Dutch bike hung next to a a group of oil on canvas squares, steering wheels  were scattered on the desk of Jaime’s office, and a fixed gear bike was placed diagonally in the bathtub.

All in all, it seems like a decent, clean approach to cycling. We loved it.

Bikes on the Wall

Bikes next to the Oil on Canvas

Cycle Chic Conference Room

Jaime Dieppa and Mikael Colville Andersen, discussing bikes

Bikes in the Bathtub -- best done diagonally

Jaime and Vanessa - Barcelona's beautiful bike pioneers

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