Portraits, at The Bernard Shaw Car-Boot Sale

25 Oct


John, host of The Bernard Shaw’s car-boot sale, personally selects market stall holders. It’s made his event something of a phenomenon. The first time we stumbled in on the car-boot sale, the blue double-decker bus serving wood fire oven pizza’s in its upper story restaurant, the graffiti garden with pool table and the unique products on sale took us by pleasant surprise. So when John asked us to set up shop with our bicycles at Saturday’s market, we did. So did Chewy, Renate, and Fergus.



Chewy is a regular stall holder at the car-boot sale. His off-hand set-up routine belies his experience. Five minutes after hoisting suitcase, clothes rack, and neon starred paper tags from his car, his stall is set up. Chewy sells second hand clothes; such as fluorescent fleece sweaters, cardigans with captain emblems, and a zombie outfit. Handwritten tags give background information on the products, for instance revealing the fluorescent fleece sweater is made of punk sheep. When he is tired of selling, Chewy – also known as Juicebox DJ – dismantles the stall steps up to the car-boot sale’s turntables.




Renate is originally from Australia, but has lived in Dublin long enough to feel Irish. Her blue dress and her contrasting red lipstick give away a meticulousness matching the manner in which her stall is set up. Renate owns clothing label Arms, which makes boutique fashion for men and is sold in Dolls fashion boutique and online. For this car-boot sale though, Renate designed something different: leather moustache necklaces. For the ladies.



Eavann and Fergus

Fergus, finally, set up his stall at the back of the car-boot sale. He is the initiator of ‘Keep Going, Sure It’s Grand’; though he says girlfriend Eavann, who works in PR, has contributed a lot to the business. Fergus sells unique canvas bags and posters, and for each item sold donates €1 to Ireland’s Department of Finance. He aims to sell 52 billion products, so to cancel Ireland’s national debt. In his first three weeks of business, Fergus sent three weekly cheques of (respectively) €7, € 15, € 17 to the Department. This week, he received a handwritten thank you note from the Exchequer, confirming his gifts to the State had been received.


One Response to “Portraits, at The Bernard Shaw Car-Boot Sale”

  1. John October 25, 2010 at 7:13 pm #

    Yep I was there on Saturday,took me awhile to find the Place on South Richmond Street. I Circled around the Bernard Shaw down the Laneway on me Dutch Bike and back around to the front of the Pub. The first Person I asked for directions of was a Polish Chap carrying his Groceries who did not know what I was Talking about.

    Then I asked a Girl coming out of the Pub who told me it was through the Pub. I made my way in and nearly collided with someone with a Tray of what looked like Whiskeys in the narrow Passageway.

    I finally found it and the Reason for my Visit which was to get a Crate for the front Carrier of the Bike from Bear Bicycles of course and to have a look at what else they had. I met the very nice Girl to do with Bear Bikes and Bought Crate then Bear Bike man turned up and gave me a few Zip Ties to attach Crate to Bike Carrier and I was Happy. I had a Conversation with both about my Bike which I got from Work Cycles in Amsterdam in Sept 07. I thanked them both and then wandered off and came back and took a Photo of the Girl and the Bear Bike on the Wall, Thanks Bear Bikes.

    I seen a few Dutch Bikes outside before I came in,two were Parked at Poles they were Old Oma Bikes. One Chap arrived on an Oma Ladies Step through Bike. I seen three more around the Town that Day one on Thomas Street loaded up with Groceries,so these bikes are starting to become Fashionable in Dublin at any rate.

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