A Classy Commute — the Actress

4 Oct

Kerrie ‘O Sullivan – perhaps more known as Dearbhla Dillon in Fair City – can recite every detail of her daily commute. Little wonder. Reciting is what actresses are good at. That it takes only 5 minutes to get from her Clonskeagh home to the RTE studios might be of help too.

Kerrie’s short commute, she says, starts at UCD’s Clonskeagh entrance. Even though she´s a Trinity graduate, she knows this campus as if it were home. Passing through the gate, she cycles straight with the sports fields flying by on the right and then turns left before the sports hall, onto the narrow road behind the Health and Science Building, leaving the campus at the Greenfield gate.

By now, the actress is rehearsing the day’s lines out loud. This is one of the reasons she prefers cycling over walking. By the time people start giving you funny looks, you’ve already cycled past. The other reason she prefers cycling, is that it wakes her up. You might be able to walk in a daze, but the wind on a bike quickly blows you awake. Helpful; when you’re due for hair and make-up at 7.20 in the morning.

The downhill ride on Greenfield Park is lined with trees, its scenery set with residents walking dogs, people bringing out bins, young father’s waving to children from behind their car window. At the bottom of the hill, Kerrie meets the only traffic light on her trip. Her day is made if she catches it green, because it means she has won the game of getting-to-work-without-stopping-once.

Catching the green light, allows her to shoot over the dual carriageway, onto Nutley Lane. There she swings left into RTE’s studios, simultaneously flashing a smile to the security guard and ducking right to avoid the red and white car barrier blocking the entrance. Finally, she parks her bike in the bike rack – often next to Geoff’s, her Fair City Father, who’s due in make up just before her.

2 Responses to “A Classy Commute — the Actress”

  1. sarah January 25, 2011 at 12:55 pm #

    I have just read your interesting story on your commute to work, and I have just one question for you ! Do you wear a helmet while cycling? My mum always makes me wear one? Does yours?

    • dublindutch January 25, 2011 at 1:42 pm #

      Dear Sarah, thanks for your note.

      I’m not sure whether your question is directed at Kerrie, or at me (the writer of the blog). If you want Kerrie to answer, let me know and I will see if I can get hold of her.

      As for myself, to be honest: I do not wear a helmet when I cycle. As you may know, I’m from the Netherlands. I started cycling to school when I was three years old, and my mom never made me wear a helmet. My friends didn’t wear a helmet either, and their moms never asked them to. Why not? It’s not a part of Dutch cycling culture, I guess. In the Netherlands, cycling is a very safe way to get around, so authorities do not require you to wear a helmet either.

      Of course: this is Ireland. So I’m not sure how this would play out here. In general though, it’s a good idea to listen to your mum.


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