A Classy Commute – Ms. Joanne Byrne

14 Sep

Joanne Byrne, Director of Presence PR, describes her commute as a mini D4/D2 tour. If the wind is with her she can do door to door in 7 minutes. However, this seldom happens as there are distractions along the way.

Donnybrook Church

On the way to the office the first traffic hotspot the PR lady comes across is the junction on Anglesea Road, next to Donnybrook Church. Here, she has the right of way, but the yield sign must be written in Swahili as motorists never stop. As she continues on the cycle lane through Donnybrook she prioritises emails and phone calls, oblivious to the bus lines 10, 46A, 46B, and 48 riding past her.

Joanne is, however, not oblivious to the Havana shop window, where she slows down to admire the new John Rocha collection. She’s happy to suffer scowls and the odd shout of cyclists behind her, who are eager to press on with their own commute. She is barely back at regular cruising speed, when she stops at Roy Fox’s to buy fresh fruit for the office. The cyclists behind her ride past.

Leesson Street bridge (John Morris)

Soon, she is back on her bike and it’s straight to the office, this time. She doesn’t linger on Leeson Street Bridge over the Grand Canal nor does she pause to peer into the tranquil, privately owned Fitzwilliam Square – even though she has a key and would love to start her day with a quiet walk in its gardens.

As the day wears on, she runs down the stairs of her first floor office several times, pulls her bike out of the hallway and cycles to a meeting. On her bike, it’s 15 minutes to get anywhere in the city centre. To her clients, Joanne explains the bike saves them travel expenses. To her friends, she confesses the sensation of speed and wind through her hair are the true benefit.

the PR Lady

When the day’s work is done, Joanne cycles a different route home: Baggot Street, over the bridge, downhill on Pembroke Road, Raglan Road, and Clyde Road. Often the smell of freshly baked bread from Roly’s Bistro is too tempting to resist, before she hits the last homeward stretch ending at the RDS. There, at one of her favourite Dublin spots, Joanne makes her final turn and then she is home.

One Response to “A Classy Commute – Ms. Joanne Byrne”

  1. John September 14, 2010 at 9:33 pm #

    It would be a very Pleasant Cycle in to Fitzwilliam Street/Square on a quiet Sunday Morning but Weekdays in Donnybrook all along that Road into the City it is one of the worse Roads for Traffic in Dublin.

    The Cycle Lanes in Dublin are a Joke,very Narrow and Cars Park and drive on them,then you have to Contend with the Buses suddenly pulling in front of you to stop at the Bus Stops. You have to be careful you do not Bash into them as they suddenly stop. Bicycles and Buses are a no go ,there should be a Lane at least to allow you to go behind the Bus stop to avoid them but this is rare. On the Stillorgan Road at Foxrock you might come across this a few times and in Tallaght. I can Sumpathise with Cyclists being put out by someone on a Bike suddenly stopping to look at a Shop because the Cycle Lanes are so narrow and if they pass to the right they can get Creamed by Traffic Speeding past.

    What they should do is Narrow those Roads and put in Dedicated Cycle Lanes giving Parity to Cyclists at Junctions have it like the Netherlands. The City Council is to afraid of the Motoring Organisations and big Business interests to make the City Safer for the Pedestrians and Cyclists.

    The is a small Breathing space of time between 10.30 am and 4.45pm when the Traffic drops down in certain parts of the City and it is almost Pleasurable to Cycle around the City but you still have to watch out for the Mad Driver who tries to Speed past other Motorists and Cyclists to Beat the Red Light.

    Saturday and Sunday Morning is very Pleasurable to Cycle through the near deserted Streets of Dublin especially around those Georgian Squares. It is high time the Council just Banned Traffic in Dublin make it nice.

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